Torrens Valley’s definition of success is for your child to want to play again next year. This will occur, not through a focus on winning, but through:

  • focusing on the child’s skill development;
  • ensuring the child is involved and active in all training sessions;
  • adopting an approach that focuses on the child enjoying themselves at all times.

To help the club achieve the above the parents need to observe the following sideline rules suggested by TVSC when watching your child play

  • No abusive shouting.
  • No destructive criticism; even collective moans and groans when a child does something wrong are very inappropriate.
  • No hysterical shouting of instructions; calling out orders such as ‘Kick it’, ‘Shoot’, ‘Boot it’, etc only panics the children and it is detrimental to their development as players.
  • No specific tactical instructions such as shouting out something along the lines of, ‘Johnny, pick up number 4’, whilst it may be well-intended, it only confuses the children.

Engaging in any of the above will only embarrass yourself, your child and your club. If you stop to think, to some people it may look ridiculous for a group of parents to stand on the sideline getting hysterical over a children’s soccer game, no matter how passionate we are about the game!! Remember, to the children, this is supposed to be a day of fun and enjoyment!

By all means engage in positive, but controlled encouragement such as, ‘Well done Billy’, ‘Great pass, Johnny’, etc.

Torrens Valley Soccer Club looks forward to providing a really enjoyable season for your children and welcomes your assistance and co-operation.

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