Two-part Registration process for all Players

1.  Torrens Valley Club Registration

Club registrations can be emailed to please include phone number, name, address and age of player.

Club Fees

Currently a deposit must be paid before season commences.  The balance of fees must be paid in full before Round 4 of the competition. If you have concerns or questions please see the Treasurer for payment plan.

2. My Football Club Registration

Compulsory registration is required for all players to obtain their FFA number, which is crucial in team reporting.  At your earliest convenience, visit  If we have players playing in our team matches without a FFA number, the officials can strip our teams of points and affect our position  :-(

3. Sports Vouchers 2017

Take advantage of the Government's Sports Voucher Rebate for Primary School Aged Children.

Want to know more about training courses or further ball skill development?

Visit the AHJSA Website  as it contains all the latest Hills programs, events, training and information on the Representative Team - your next step towards your Soccer Career!  It also includes Coaching courses.... stay tuned!

Another one to keep in mind is the SAPSASA website.   Your child can progress representing his/her school - or trying out for the District Team and ultimately the State Team.

Rules & Regulations 2015

AHJSA Constitution, Codes of Conduct, Rules & Policy Documentation, Forms & Other Information - See link:  AHJSA Documemts

Please read the following extracts:

Ground Stewards Report by FFSA

There have been a number of issues that have been reported to FFSA in relation to Ground Stewards, these include ground stewards from opposing clubs addressing opposition spectators, ground stewards becoming engaged in verbal altercations with match officials and on a couple of occasions no ground stewards being present.

To assist the ground stewards in their role please find attached their roles and responsibilities. Each ground steward should be provided a copy to assist them in fulfilling their duties. Some areas to reaffirm in relation to ground stewards are;

  • Each club is required to appoint the minimum number required, this is outlined in the attached document.
  • Ground Stewards are responsible for their own spectators and assisting the match officials. Ground Stewards should not become involved with the opposition spectators, if the opposing club ground stewards are not fulfilling the role required this should be addressed through the reporting mechanism.
  • Ground Stewards are fulfilling a specific role on the day, which includes supporting the match officials. Consequently ground stewards are required to refrain from questioning decisions of match officials.
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Type : pdf

Match Officials

FFSA is committed to the recruitment, retention and education of match officials. The number of registered match officials has increased in 2017 and this continues to be a priority of FFSA. To assist FFSA in the provision of match officials, can clubs please ensure the following information is provided to FFSA;

  • Non-attendance of Match Officials. If a match official that has been appointed does not attend please notify FFSA as soon as possible. This will enable FFSA to identify whether a replacement can be found and also that a club is not being charged, where a match official does not attend.
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