Team allocations for 2013 have been set with the first match to kick off on April 27. Training will start for juniors on March 19 (except the Under 17 girls). The teams and training times are as follows:

Coach Laeni Goudas - 0400 879 072
Training with senior women starting Tuesday 26th March 7pm onwards

U14 mixed
Coach Andrew Miller - 0417 853 780
Training Tuesday 6:30 - 8 pm

U12 Mixed
Coach Troy Beeson - 0413 230 677
Training Tuesday 5:30 - 6:30 pm

Coach Miranda Miller - 0468 542 803
Training Tuesday 6 - 7 pm

U9 Mixed
Coach TBD
Training Tuesday 6 -7 pm

U7 Mixed
Coach TBD
Saturday mornings starting first round April 27th (Details to come)


  • Training starts Tuesday 19 March for juniors (except for U17G who start on March 26).
  • First match is on April 27th
  • The U9 and U10 will train together until we have finalised a coach.
  • If you know anyone who would like to play then encourage then to contact the club ASAP.
  • U8 and U9 teams have combiend to form an Under 9 team due to numbers.

As per usual, we need some parent support for the teams
1)  We need a parent from each team to be the team manager.
2)  We need some parents who are able to help during training with the U9 an U10 teams.
If you are able to help then please let me know.  Note that all coaches and team managers will need to get a police check.

Canteen help required
As all junior training is being held on Tuesday night, it is viable for the canteen to be opened to serve some hot drinks and food.  Again, if there are people from the various teams who are able to help here please contact me.  Remember that during winter this is probably the best place to be!
We are also looking for someone to manage the canteen. This involves checking on supplies and restocking and tidying up. Each team will provide people to man the canteen on match days. If you can help, let me know.

You will need to complete the club registration form and the FFSA online registration. This year you will also need to pay at least 50% of the registration fee before I accept the registration. Note that until the FFSA registration has been accepted by the club, the player is not registered with the FFSA and is ineligible to play. The best way to pay is by EFT as this ensures that we all have a record of the payment. Details are included in the attachments send via email or on the Teams page.

If you have any issues re registration, training or with the team allocations please let me know.

Thanks for your patience and good luck for the 2013 season!

Paul Lewis, Registrar
8389 8384 (H) - 0431 934 359