AHJSA Rep Trials Mondays  (12th & 19th Sept) at the Hawks Nest (not Woodside Warriors) on Hutchens Rd. Woodside

6-7pm for the following:-

U12D  (main pitch – north end) Session coach’s – Gerard Cobiac & James Anderson.

Evaluating coaches – Neil Anderson, Tim Hawkins, Nick Brooks + others

U12  (main pitch – central section) Session coach’s – Shane McCormick & Anthony Fenlon

Evaluating coaches – Ben Baker, Nick Papavasilou, Gary Ledson + others

U13 (northern practise pitch) session coach’s – Carl Reeves & Paul Kemmis

Evaluating coaches – Chris Lennon, Brent Prior, Stacey Beddow + others

U13G (main pitch – south end) session coach’s – Mark Strauss & Claudia Kerr

Evaluating coach’s – Miranda Miller, Mark DeLange, Grantley Klenke + others


7.15 – 8.15pm for the following:-

U14 (main pitch – north end) session coach – Andrew Hulst & Leith Taylor

Evaluating coaches – Carl Reeves, Brent Prior, Gerard Cobiac & others

U15 (main pitch – central section)  session coach – Paul White & Nick Papavasilou

Evaluating coaches – Nick Brook, Tim Hawkins & Travis McKellar

U16 (main pitch – south end) session coach – Kerry Brinkmann

Evaluating coaches – Grantley Klenke, Glenn O’Bryan & Neil Anderson

U16G (northern practise pitch) session coach – Cacelia Ewenz

Evaluating coaches – Will Hannaford,  Mark Strauss, Miranda Miller & Claudia Kerr

please note that the Country's 2017 are being held in Whyalla on the June Long weekend.   States venue still to be decided.