Well, that's it for another year with our No.1 Fundraiser, seemingly our best ever outcome for volunteers and organisation by many.  Everyone that helped out "MANY THANKS!!!!" On behalf of our Club, we couldn't of made this happen without you, and the funds will go towards much needed club improvements so we can build it into a fun and enjoyable atmosphere for everyone!

Here's some comments/reviews of this day:-

Hi all,
Laeni and I just wanted to say a MASSIVE THANK YOU again to all those who helped out at the Bay to Birdwood! No matter what part you played, Laeni and I could sincerely have not done without you to make the event such a success. Please pass on our thanks to the parents, players and friends of the club who also helped us out.  Thank you again,  Tess and Laeni

GREAT JOB Laeni and Tess and to all who helped. So good to see Club spirit come together and pull it off with no dramas.All the best.  Dion.

Well done to you girls,Laeni & Tess!
You not only stood up & excepted the role, but organised it superbly.
Hopefully the day was a huge financial success!
Cheers, Adam Levy

Tess and Laeni, give yourselves a high five, pat on the back and volunteers of the year award! Awesome work girls!!! And you made it fun too!!  Josie 

I want to thank both Tess and Lani for taking the ownership of the day and making sure it all happened.  We had heaps of foot soldiers and you two just put it all together, job well done and now we should be confident next year that the load can be shared by the whole club.  Cheers, Col