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Saturday Night Football at Birdwood Park

Posted by Torrens Valley on Tuesday, July 22, 2014, In : 2014 News 
Coming up... July 26 and August 16. Saturday 'night' football at Birdwood Park with Northern Pitbulls FC

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Torrens Valley Players in State Championship 2014

Posted by Torrens Valley on Friday, June 13, 2014, In : 2014 News 
A big WELL DONE! to the following Torrens Valley Players entering in the Adelaide Hills State Rep Team for the June long weekend SAJSA Competition!  Connor Adams in U12s Group, Emma Jacobs, Shanna Collins, Zoe Wauchope in the U16's Group, Scotty in the U13's Group, and Andrew Miller in the U14s Group.  

A Thank You to them (and parents!) for representing our Club and all their efforts at this State Championship Level!

You all deserve a big pat on the back... And perhaps an extra treat or two :-...
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Torrens Valley Girls Winners of the State Championship 2014!

Posted by Torrens Valley on Tuesday, June 10, 2014, In : 2014 News 
A huge Congratulations to our Club Girls Claudia Kennedy, Elaine Miller and Zara Witter on their first Place result for the Girls U12's Adelaide Hills (Red) Team!  Elaine scored a goal, Zara scored 3 goals, and Claudia was sooo close several times - she was persistent at her defending skills and never gave up!  Our previous TVClub Coach Tim returned from Perth to Coach the Adelaide Hills Team (see below with Elaine holding the Cup) he is an inspiring coach and they were so glad to have him ba...
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Adelaide Hills State Rep Team

Posted by Torrens Valley on Wednesday, June 4, 2014, In : 2014 News 
Three of our girls have been selected to join the AHJSA State Rep Team!  Well done to Claudia Kennedy, Elaine Miller and Zara Witter!
Best of luck at the West Beach Tournament this June long weekend! - 3 days of Soccer... Phew!

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Website Changes

Posted by Torrens Valley on Sunday, June 1, 2014, In : 2014 News 
I have recently taken over the Website maintenance and will endeavour to keep things updated on a regular basis, with the help of everyone that can send me info and photos to keep this website 'alive'.  Any feedback would be greatly appreciated - this is your Club just as much as it is mine! Just email Sandra at  Cheers!
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2014 Registration

Posted by Torrens Valley on Wednesday, February 12, 2014, In : 2014 News 
The FIFA World Cup is this year and here's your chance to start your football journey just like the world superstars did many years ago!

We know you want to join the best teams in the league, so come visit us on Sunday February 16 for Registration Day.

Pop down to the clubrooms between 1pm and 4pm to sign up for the 2014 season which starts early April.

If you miss the date, give us a call or email.

We're always looking for new players across all age groups and it's never too late to join, so don...
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