Round 1

Torrens Valley 1 Woodside 11

The first game of the season proved to be a difficult one. Fielding the side for the first time by the coach instantly showed flaws in player positioning, at half time the Torrens Valley Rams trailed 0 - 6. After making substitutions at half time, including changing the goal keeper, the Rams tried desperately to get back into the game; unfortunately Woodside Warriors scored another 3 goals before Torrens could find the back of the net. The Warriors continued to out play Torrens Valley, scoring a further 2 goals towards the end of the game.

Torrens Valley goal scorers:

Hamish Lewis.

Best Players:

Hamish Lewis, Kali Horner, Daniel Moore.



Round 2

Murray Bridge 0 Torrens Valley 6

After a very disappointing opening game at home to Woodside the Torrens Valley U12’s were determined to get a good result at Beattie Terrace, Murray Bridge. Soon after the starting whistle The Rams took control of the game, continually peppering the home sides goal with shots, however, it took nearly 15 minutes before the back of the net was found, but shortly after another 2 goals came, half time 3 -0 to Torrens Valley.

The second half continued in the same manner with Torrens totally dominating the match leaving their goal keeper with nothing to do expect watch as her team out played their opponents. Murray Bridge finished the game without a single shot at goal and the Torrens Valley goal keeper with only two touches of the ball, 3 more goals scored by the away team, final result 0 - 6, a remarkable performance in light of the previous week.

Torrens Valley goal scorers:

Hamish Lewis (3), Daniel Moore (2), Lachlan Hodgson (1).

Best Players:

Laura Wearing, Kaleb O’Donnell, Adam Rich.


Round 3

Torrens Valley 0 Hahndorf White 2

Both teams turned out feeling very confident and after a very nervous start Torrens Valley settled into the game and gave a battling performance against a very organized Hahndorf team, the first half went by with neither team finding the back of the net.

The second half started in a similar fashion as the first half with both teams looking for a break but after a collision Daniel Moore was forced to leave the field with a bleeding nose and was replaced by substitute Laura Wearing, at the same time the coach adjusted the team with an extra forward, leaving only three at the back line. This proved to be a mistake as Hahndorf took advantage and scored 2 goals in quick succession forcing the Torrens coach to re-adjust his formation.


The home team settled again but couldn’t find a way back from a 2 goal deficit, final score 0 – 2 in favour of the visiting team.


Best Players:

Lachlan Hodgson, Hamish Lewis, Josh Hensleigh.



Round 4

Strathalbyn 1 Torrens Valley 2

A very gritty performance from The Rams saw off the Strathalbyn Strikers on a fine sunny day. Both teams performed to their best ability with end to end action with Torrens having the edge during the first half, finishing 0 – 0. The coach made changes at half time, moving Kali Horner from left back to left midfield working alongside Daniel Moore, this proving to be a very successful partnership resulting in an opening goal from Daniel after a skilled lay off from Kali on the left wing. Shortly after however Strathalbyn probed hard for an equaliser and found it from the left, Torrens Valley weren’t to be out done and looked for their second, finally coming from captain Hamish Lewis, 1 - 2 the score. The final 10 minutes proved to be a nail biting experience as Strathalbyn searched for their second but The Rams held on after their second half goalie, Adam Rich, made some tremendous saves on his debut in the net, Rams taking all 3 points. Job well done!


Torrens Valley goal scorers:

Daniel Moore, Hamish Lewis.


Best Players:

Adam Rich, Daniel Moore, Sam Afford.



Round 5

Torrens Valley 2 Bridgewater 0

With the coach changing all player positions the beginning of the game looked very rocky for Torrens Valley. The game commenced with Captain, Hamish Lewis, & ever reliant sweeper Shaun Rowan-Kochan on the bench. Changes on the field included the usual back three players in either striker or forward midfield roles & although the new look back line appeared steady and impenetrable the forward line looked skakey in their reversed roles.


Ten minutes passed before the coach decided to switch Lachlan Hodgson (left back) with Jack Vonow (left striker), immediately the team began to show some promising moves. A few minutes later captain Hamish Lewis was put on the field in place of the continual hard working Hugh Mattschoss, this allowing for fluid play between midfield and the forward line. Further substitutions helped the cause but the Rams still struggled to attack the Bridgewater goal with aggression, half time score 0 – 0.


Half time team talk resulted with players returning to their usual positions, including Josh Hensleigh at the back, always a hard figure to get by!! Daniel Moore returned to the front line and Shaun Rowan-Kochan as sweeper. The second half started and immediately the Rams looked more menacing with the usual partnerships in place. Within ten minutes Torrens were one up after Hamish Lewis collected the ball and made a fine run for goal only to find his shot rebound off the left upright, the ball finding its way to Daniel Moore who calmly side footed it into the rear of the Bridgewater net. Minutes later a fine exchange of passes between siblings, Daniel & Rebecca Moore saw a great left footed goal from Daniel only to be waved offside by the linesman, sights of jubilation turned to woe!


Bridgewater started to come alive and if it wasn’t for the second half keeper, Alexandra Miller, the score would have been level, Alex making a fine challenge, forcing the Bridgewater striker to panic and lose control. Later on Alexandra once again was inspirational with a clearance to the halfway line with Hamish Lewis collecting the ball and making a fine run for and skillfully placing it in the opposition net, 2 – 0 the final score.


A great team performance after a faltering start with a very satisfied and proud coach!


Torrens Valley Goal Scorers:

Daniel Moore, Hamish Lewis.


Best Players:

Rebecca Moore, Jack Vonow, Kali Horner.


Round 6

Stirling East 8 Torrens Valley 1

Kick off commenced with heavy rain falling, cold conditions, a very miserable day!

With a pitch in poor condition Torrens Valley struggled from the start to string together any reasonable passes but battled hard to contain a well organized Stirling East side. As the game continued the Rams looked cold and a shadow of the team from the previous week but to their credit tried hard to get some authority on the game. After ten minutes Stirling went one up even after the linesman had waved it offside, a further 2 goals followed and as hard as Torrens tried to get back into the game, with Adam Rich scoring a magnificent goal, only to be ruled offside, Stirling managed to get another before the half time whistle, Half time 4 – 0.


With the team looking cold and miserable the coach made many changes hoping to keep substitutes warm at half time. At the start of the second half Torrens tried to find a way back into the game but Stirling scored a further 2 goals from nothing, then, from the restart after the second goal, the Rams sprang to life with Shaun Rowan-Kochan & Daniel Moore teaming up to run at goal & scoring within 15 seconds, score 6 -1. The respite was short, Stirling scoring a further 2 goals before the final whistle.


A very disappointing result with the score not reflecting the amount of effort Torrens had put into this game, on another day maybe the opportunities would have fallen in the Rams favour!


Torrens Valley Goal Scorer:

Daniel Moore.


Best Players:

Kali Horner, Lachlan Hodgson, Josh Hensleigh.



Round 7

Torrens Valley 0  Hahndorf Black 8

Returning to the field after the previous weeks disappointing result was always going to be a testing game for the U12’s, and with 3 players missing from the squad of 15 left fewer options with the starting line up. The first ten minutes showed that it was going to be a torrid time for the young Rams and soon after Hahndorf started to put away the goals, the Torrens Valley rear line looked very weary and even  with constant advice from the coach to move up when on the offense things didn’t improve, Hahndorf having no problems springing the offside trap! Half time whistle, Rams 0 Hahndorf 3.


With changes made in the second half, switching Adam Rich from goalkeeper to left striker & Daniel Moore taking his place, and Shaun Rowan-Kochan moving from sweeper to attacking midfield, Torrens Valley made efforts to get back into the game. Daniel was forced to make some spectacular saves between the posts but it wasn’t long before Hahndorf notched up a few more goals.


With the Rams still looking very lethargic the game headed for a heavy defeat, final whistle eventually came ending a very poor performance by the home side, score 0 – 8 to Hahndorf Black.


Summary: - A fine performance from a very well organized visiting team, a very poor performance from a lack lustre home team, much work and discussions to take place in the coming training sessions.


Best Players:

Daniel Moore, Jack Vonow, Shaun Rowan-Kochan.



Round 8

Torrens Valley v Mt Barker White



Round 9

Torrens Valley 3 Mt. Barker Red 3

The first game in two weeks was always going to be a difficult one following on from 2 heavy defeats and lack of training due to bad weather, the pitch was also very soft after weeks of heavy rain, this sure to make fluent play almost impossible. However, with just a few minutes on the  clock the Rams went 1 – 0 up after a pass from Lachlan Hodgson to Daniel Moore, who calmly placed the ball in the opposition net, so far so good. Mt Barker Red weren’t going to give up so soon and shortly afterwards made the score level after some good play. As the game progressed it was evident that the soft ground was paying its toll on the players, Josh Hensleigh was replaced by Laura Wearing on left midfield after some hard running, leaving the field exhausted! Laura put some new life down the wing and not long afterwards Torrens Valley probed forward once again, finding the back of the net through Hamish Lewis. As the first half continued the players tired more and were looking for some respite during the break but Mt Barker Red battled hard and deservedly created their second goal, even after Alex Miller had made some tremendous saves in goal, 2 – 2 at half time.


Half time meant time to change player positions, hoping to “fire up” some movement in the centre of the pitch and at the start of the second half there seemed to be more urgency in the Torrens Valley play, Daniel Moore missing a great opportunity to score, launching the ball over the crossbar from close range with no one to beat in goal! Mt Barker Red also came to life after 10 minutes of the restart and scored a good goal, game in their favour, 2 – 3. The Rams coach decided to throw caution to the wind and asked 2 of the back 4 to push up, Sam Afford & Lachlan Hodgson, both helping the front line when they saw opportunities. This now seemed to be working for The Rams as they pressured the Mt Barker Red goal, with all play now being dictated by the home side their third & equalizing goal came from captain Hamish Lewis, score 3 – 3.


Final whistle eventually blown with the score all level, this being a hard game for both sides on a very soft pitch, a draw a fair result.


Torrens Valley goal scorers:

Hamish Lewis (2), Daniel Moore. 

Best Players:

Alex Miller, Sam Afford, Shaun Rowan-Kochan.



Round 10

Woodside 7 Torrens Valley 1

Torrens Valley arrived at Woodside hoping to get revenge for the opening game defeat, 1 -11, at the hands of Woodside, and, with a few of the squad missing due to sickness & injuries the team seemed confident prior to kick off. The game started 10 minutes late and before long the Rams were on the back foot with the Warriors moving the ball around nicely, using all the space on the field, Torrens Valley couldn’t get their game together and found trouble in keeping possession of the ball. It wasn’t long before Woodside were a goal up after some fine passes of the ball and following the opening goal the Rams goalie had to make a succession of good saves to keep them in the game, however, the pressure became too much and two more goals followed before the half time whistle, 3 – 0 after 25 minutes.


A few changes were made at half time in the hope of turning the game around but after only a few minutes of the restart the Warriors scored another goal. Torrens Valley could not get their positioning right and their passing was continually inaccurate, constantly losing the ball to the opposition. Woodside now stepped up a gear and before long another two goals were notched up, 6 -0 the score before Torrens found an opening, Hamish Lewis took a corner kick from the left; the ball found its way to the near post and with some confusion in the home team the ball deflected off a Warrior into the net, Hamish Lewis awarded the goal. Woodside turned the screw and within only a few minutes found the back of the Rams goal net again, Torrens Valley looked for the final whistle to put them out of their misery, it finally came with the score at 7 – 1.


A very frustrating game where basic football skills were ignored with only a few good individual performances coming from the girls of the team, Laura Wearing & Rebecca Moore, and fine goalkeeping displays from Daniel Moore & Adam Rich.


Torrens Valley Goal Scorer:

Hamish Lewis.


Best Players:

Laura Wearing, Rebecca Moore, Daniel Moore.



Round 11

Torrens Valley 4 Murray Bridge 0

The young Rams started the first half very nervously; with Murray Bridge building an attack straight from kick off. Torrens Valley was under pressure but after some confusion in front of goal the ball passed the post, thankfully outside of the goal! Torrens Valley found some composure from the goal kick and within ten minutes was showing which team was going to dominate the match, constantly launching attack after attack on the opposition goal. As the game matured, frustration set in with the wet conditions causing havoc in the Murray Bridge goal mouth, several shots at goal failing to reach the back of the net as the pool of water stopped the ball on the goal line.


The Rams finally found the back of the net after an impressive cross from the left by Hamish Lewis to the far post to Adam Rich who brilliantly volleyed the ball in goal, unfortunately the linesman’s flag was raised for offside, and again a few minutes later another offside decision for a goal by Daniel Moore.


A goal finally came through Hamish Lewis who calmly placed the ball in the net after a fine run, 1-0 at half time.


The second half started with a substitution made, Aiden Hood coming on for the hard working Rebecca Moore, with pitch conditions now in favour of the home team who scored after just 7 minutes, Hamish Lewis finding the net again, 2-0. Frustration still shadowed Daniel Moore with another two goals ruled offside but the squad continued to battle with their domination showing as Murray Bridge failed to launch any attack on goal!


After 18 minutes of the second half The Rams made an impressive attack through Lachlan Hodgson who lifted the ball into the left side of goal, well deserved after some great play from a truly great performance on the right wing. The game was finally wrapped up with a hat trick from Hamish Lewis, 4-0 the final score.


A great performance all round.


Best Players:

Hamish Lewis, Lachlan Hodgson, Shaun Rowan-Kochan.

Goal scorers:

Hamish Lewis (3), Lachlan Hodgson.



Round 12

Hahndorf 2 Torrens Valley 0

Torrens Valley arrived at Pine Avenue feeling confident and after some self motivated practice and warm ups followed by a brief team talk it promised to be a competitive encounter between two evenly matched Adelaide Hills sides. From the opening whistle both teams looked organized and a fine match promised to be on the cards.

It took until the 10th minute before the deadlock was broken, a mistake by the Rams left back, passing towards the home goal only for a Hahndorf striker to get a foot to ball and pass to a waiting team mate in front of goal, 1 -0 the score. Both teams continued to launch attacks on the opposition goals with possession at 50/50 the half time whistle eventually came with only the one goal scored.

The second half resumed with a few team changes in the hope of breaking down the stubborn Hahndorf defence, the game continued the same as the first half with end to end action but 5 minutes in Hahndorf scored another goal after some confusion in the Torrens Valley rear guard, 2 -0.

The young Rams stepped up a gear and took control of the game; Rebecca Moore was unlucky not to score on several occasions after some great passes from Hamish Lewis, Lachlan Hodgson & Daniel Moore. It seemed that no matter how many attempts the Rams made at goal it wasn’t going to be their day. With the replacement of Rebecca Moore for Hugh Mattschoss it looked as though Torrens Valley would pull a goal back but the gremlins’ that had plagued Rebecca had followed Hugh, his shot finding its way into the goalies hands from almost point blank range, the commitment lasted until the final whistle but it wasn’t enough, Hahndorf winning 2 -0.

Coach comment: Probably the best team performance of the season with great efforts from Sam Afford, Rebecca Moore & Shaun Rowan-Kochan. Sure signs that the team has been learning from their experiences throughout the seasons events!

Best Players:

Sam Afford, Rebecca Moore & Shaun Rowan-Kochan.


Round 13

Torrens Valley 1 Strathalbyn 2

Round 13 promised to be a close encounter against the Strathalbyn Strikers with the teams evenly matched as the previous encounter between these two sides had shown. With the weather very warm but with a strong cross wind the match started with both teams finding opportunities to move the ball forwards, but with both defenses in top form it looked as though goals would be hard to create.

Shaun Rowan-Kochan was in great form and thwarted the Strikers on numerous occasions but eventually Strathalbyn found a way through with Max Bartolic scoring to make it 1 – 0 to the visitors. The Rams stepped up a gear with both Hamish Lewis & Lachlan Hodgson making some great runs at goal, this eventually paying off as Hodgson made a fantastic pass from left to right finding Lewis, who calmly placed the ball in the back of the net, half time 1 – 1.

The Torrens Valley coach switched goal keepers, placing Daniel Moore up front and putting Alex Miller between the posts, but unfortunately after 10 minutes Alex was injured after having been kicked in the face and was replaced by Adam Rich, the team now was short on an outfield player substitute for the attacking line but The Rams dug deep and held off the advancing Strikers for some time.

The pressure become too much for Torrens and eventually Strathalbyn scored a second goal through Lachlan Williams, score 1 -2. The Rams lifted again and rallied to level the score but time ran out with the final whistle being blown, defeated once again after a good performance.


Best players:

Lachlan Hodgson, Shaun Rowan-Kochan, Adam Rich

Goal scorer:

Hamish Lewis

Yellow card: Alex Miller




Round 14


Bridgewater 1 Torrens Valley 4



Playing flat back four and with the usual sweeper Shaun Rowan-Kochan playing left striker, the young Rams were in unfamiliar territory, but soon after the starting whistle Torrens Valley took control of the run of play. With Shaun Rowan-Kochan & Adam Rich pairing up impressively, the Bridgewater defence came under heavy pressure and finally made a mistake allowing the Rams’ captain, Hamish Lewis, to have a shot at goal, with the ball ending up in the back of the net, 0-1 the score. Torrens Valley continued to dominate the first half and before long, after some terrific play, Shaun was rewarded with his first ever goal, 0-2 at half time!


Half time saw a change of goal keeper, Jack Vonow stepping in for Daniel Moore, who joined the midfield.


The start of the second half started shakily and within two minutes Bridgewater launched an attack, and with the inexperienced keeper standing in front of the goal, they easily scored, getting back into the game.


With some re-assurance from squad members Jack Vonow regained composure and remained defiant in goal, making a fine stop minutes later, giving the Rams some confidence.


As the game progressed Valley asserted their authority & scored a third through Adam Rich, getting his first goal of the season, the young Rams celebration was a joy to see, congratulating Adam.


In the final minutes confusion occurred in the Bridgwater goal mouth with the keeper taking the ball over the line after a corner from the Rams’ captain, and with the Bridgewater side disputing the referee signalled a goal, 1-4 the score.


The final whistle blew and the score ended in favour of the visiting team, winning by three goals.


Goal Scorers:

Hamish Lewis, Shaun Rowan-Kochan, Adam Rich


Best Players:

Shaun Rowan-Kochan, Hamish Lewis, Adam Rich



Round 15 (Previously Round 8)


Torrens Valley 0 Mt Barker White 4



With the success of the previous week still on the mind of the Valley coach the same formation was played, flat back four with Shaun Rowan-Kochan playing left striker. The first half played out well with only one error, leading to a goal for the visiting team. Although the young Rams had battled well they failed to have any attacks at goal worth mentioning but the defence played tremendously and the goal keeper making some excellent saves, 0-1 at the break.


The second half started with the Rams looking slightly more adventurous, making a number of moves towards the Mt Barker White goal, but the visitors responded and scored a second. A number of disputable decisions made by the linesman saw some fine moves by Torrens Valley flagged offside, frustration began to show. Then suddenly Mount Barker scored another two goals.


Eventually the Rams scored a terrific goal after Rebecca Moore crossed the ball into the box, with Hugh Mattschoss finding Hamish Lewis who found the net. Unfortunately, the goal was wrongly ruled offside, the game decisions definitely not going their way, final score 0-4.   


Best Players:

Daniel Moore, Lachlan Hodgson, Shaun Rowan-Kochan