U12's Poem: written by Rebecca Moore 


Running across the muddy pitch

I pass the ball to Adam Rich

He switches the ball straight across

And it lands in the feet of Hugh Mattschoss

He runs with no fear its brilliant play

He crosses the ball to Josh Hensleigh

Josh passes the ball to Daniel Moore

Who kicks a goal and sets the score

The ball is kicked to Alex Miller

Her throw-ins and kicks are both a thriller

She boots the ball to Aiden Hood

He takes a shot “Now that was good”!

Down the line to sweeper Shaun

A soccer star since he was born

He chips the ball to Laura Wearing

Whose sensational play has spectators staring

She dribbles the ball towards striker Sam

Who hits the post with one big slam

The keeper throws to Hamish on the right

Who scores a goal it’s an amazing sight

Along the wing to Kali Horner

Who kicks it out and takes a corner

As the opposition stumble and kick the ball back

It is booted back up by the one and only Jack

The ball is volleyed by Lachie in the middle

Who runs with the ball he’s fit as a fiddle

The time whistle blows and the rams have won

The coach is pleased as the other team scored none.